The imbalance of our educational system is the source of the imbalance that we see in the world today 

You may think that I am oversimplifying. Precisely my point. Our educational system is so deficient in our fomation as human beings that people don't even know what is missing. True and effective emotional education creates self-empowerment, love and empathy. If every human being in our planet had these facets well developed, we would be experiencing a very different world today.

My father was a Hungarian Holocaust survivor. My mother grew up in Nazi Germany. They truly loved us. We were financially well-off and they provided us with a great education. In spite of this, I inherited trauma and limiting behaviors from them, that came as a result from the circumstances that they experienced in their lives. Now with a deep and direct impact in my own personal life.

In my seminars I explain that, when we go into the inner recesses of our minds we see that, at our core, we are non-physical entities, and also that we choose our parents as part of our decision to participate in this physical experience. This is one of the biggest contention points with my audience in my presentations. Not the point about us being non-physical entities, but the point that we chose our parents. What an irony, isn't it? With all their best intentions and love, the parent-kids relationships are loaded with conflict and resentment. These conflicts reverberate all the way to the macro-level of our societies. Understand that governments and institutions are ultimately people, people like you and me, who carry all the impacts of their own personal experiences. Indeed, look at the conflicts that we face as a civilization nowadays.

Our inability to resolve our own conflicts, at the personal level all the way to the level of our civilization, comes from our illiteracy with respect to the emotional aspects in us. Aspects that are so fundamental to being human. Illiteracy that is the result of an educational system that is completly skewed towards just intellectual knowedge. No learnings about our emotional life, conflict resolution, relationships, constructive cooperation. No learnings about tools for transforming our limiting patterns of behavior.


MISSION: to impart and promote emotional education. To create the opportunity for all to live authentic lives in balance with our planet.


VISION: a world where emotional education is an integral part of its educational system, bringing harmony to its members and our planet, and allowing them to live their full potential.