Leading Life

A Journey into Your Mind




WHY SHOULD I TAKE IT? Because when you understand the mechanisms of your mind, you know what you need to do to take your life in the direction that you truly want. This is a personal emotional education course. The seminar includes lots of videos and real-life examples that illustrate the concepts that I present.


WHAT IS THE FORMAT? The total instruction time is around 9 hours. Depending on the place and occasion, I can present it as a 2-day seminar, or a 2-weekends/1-day each seminar, or in a class format (10 sessions/1 hour each, or 5 sessions/2 hours each, to accomodate time for questions).


WHAT IS IT ABOUT? The seminar is based on the contents of my book "Leading Mind, Critical Understandings in the Mastering of Life". The information that I give to you can be divided into these main parts:


1) A description of the mechanisms that control your behavior


2) A description of the components of your personality


3) A description of what you need to do to change your limiting beliefs and behaviors


What I present to you is what we see when we go into the deeper aspects of our mind. This is based on what we observe during mind transformation sessions as a therapists.





* A model of the human consciousness and the human mind


* Characteristics of the conscious and the unconscious


* Detailed description of the mechanisms that the unconscious uses to dictate our behavior


* How our personality develops


* Components of the personality, intrapersonal and transpersonal


* How parents shape the personality of their kids


* Examples of mind transformation processes (MTP's)


* Conclusions and recommendations to live a fuller life