What is in it for me?


The book explains how your emotions regulate your behaviors. This is the base to take your life in the direction that is authentically yours.

With a blend of engineering and the fields of personal transformation, I take you on a deep, yet accessible journey into the inner recesses of your mind.

I present a unique model of the mind and the mechanisms that define our behavior. Based on my own personal experiences as the son of a Holocaust survivor, sessions with my own clients and my background in computer design, I bring the concept of programs in our unconscious as the basic mechanism that determines our actions. Millions of programs operating below our everyday awareness, each of them associated with emotions that, in fact, are the actual power behind our decisions in daily life.

Leading Mind explains how these programs are created from all our experiences, starting already at conception, through our time in the mother’s womb, all the way to full adulthood. It also shows how, when accessing our deep unconscious, we discover aspects in us that transcend our current physical life. Based on thousands and thousands of sessions done by practitioners around the world, with remarkably consistent results across cultures, education, social status and personal beliefs.

Leading Mind shows how the current events that are impacting our civilization nowadays are the result of our emotional illiteracy. It brings to light an urgent call to reform our educational curriculum to teach how our mind works and tools for personal transformation and conflict resolution.

Understanding our minds brings tolerance and compassion for all. It gives us the knowledge to change our limiting behaviors. The start of real personal power to direct our lives in the direction that is our authentic individual expression.