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Seminars About the Human Mind

My intention with the series of seminars entitled "Understanding Ourselves" is to give a full picture about you and your life, from the perspective of your mind!


This is an ongoing work, so please scroll down to see what is available at this point in time


The first seminar "Understanding Ourselves! Your Personality", focuses on how your mind works, its structures and mechanisms, how your behavior happens, how to transform limiting behaviors.


The second seminar "Understanding Ourselves! Your Life", focuses on how your mind interacts with the environment in which you are. Why the tastes you have, the relationships (intimate, friendship, professional), jobs, accidents in your life!

Understanding Ourselves!

Part 1: Your Personality

Contents: this seminar focuses on how your mind works "inside" of you. The seminar is about how our unconscious determines our personality. It focuses on the power of our unconscious on us, that is, on our behavior and way of being. Why are you the way you are? How did your identity form?... Why do you react the way you do in all the different events in your life? What can you do to change limiting behaviors? It's in-depth information, but given to you in a way that is clear and easy to understand. It is also full of everyday life examples that help you tie the theory to your experiences in life. This seminar is based on what science and our current knowledge from the world of therapy tell us about our mind and the reality in which we live.


Main topics are:


* A model of the human mind


* Characteristics of the unconscious


* How the unconscious defines our behavior


* How our personality develops


* Components of the personality


* How parents shape the personality of their kids


* Factors that determine our personality in our daily life


* Examples of mind transformation processes (MTP's)


* Conclusions and recommendations to live a fuller life


Some of the many concepts you will understand:


* How you became who you are today


* Why you have the insecurities, fears, phobias or any other negative behaviors


* New year's resolutions, dieting, etc... why sometimes they work, sometimes they don't


* How to change your behaviors so that you accomplish what you set out to do


* How your mind works in your daily interactions with people


* Why you react the way you do under any circumstance in your life


* How your parents shaped your personality


* Why kids from the same parents can be so different


* What you can do to transform any limiting behavior that you feel you have in your life (fears, phobias, insecurities, etc)


Audience: all of you interested in living a fuller life, more creative and more consciously. In general, it is intended for an audience older than 18 years; nevertheless, adolescents who are genuinely interested in these topics are also welcome. More specifically:


* Anyone interested in personal transformation/evolution/expansion


* Couples who want to understand each other better and have a deeper and more constructive relationship


* Couples who are planning to have kids. This seminar shows very clearly, from a scientific point of view, how all our attitudes determine the personality of our future kids, even before conception!


* Parents. In this seminar I explain how the personality of your kids develops. Also, I show how you, as a parent, are connected to the unconscious of your kids and how you shape their personalities (it goes deeper than you think!)


* Companies that want to increase their productivity, at the same time that they keep a self-motivated and creative team. Employees will be most efective when they are living their dream jobs. Also, when they feel they have the inner resources to make that a reality. This seminar gives them the foundation to build the life they want!


* Mental health professionals. This information is fundamental to better understand your clients and therefore to help them in a much more effective way!


Duration: approximately from 8:30 am to 7 pm, including breaks and lunch time.

Understanding Ourselves!

Part 2: Your Life

Contents: this seminar focuses on your ¨external reality¨. The seminar explains how your unconscious interacts with the environment in which you are. It encompasses personal tastes, the way you relate with others, the biggest or smallest events (successes or failures) that you experience in your life. Once you understand the processes that your mind follows, you will be closer to that what you want to accomplish in your life. In this seminar I explain experiments done by scientists that show the power of creation of the human mind. I also show an experiment that you can do at home, so that you can experience for yourself that power.


Main topics are:


* A more in depth view of the basic concepts that explain the behavior of the unconscious


* Basis on which you are deciding everything in your life, from personal taste to your biggest decisions involving family, work, etc.


* Self sabotage


* Your relationships with others: famly, friends, intimate relationships, professional relationships


* Why you have the friends (and enemies) that you have in your life...?


* How the unconscious works when selecting your life partner


* Couple dinamics


* Friendship and professional relationships dynamics


* The power of creation of your mind and how it works in your life


* Why do "accidents" happen in your life?


* How you are defining your future experiences


* Conclusions and recommendations to maximize your creative power as an individual, friend, partner and professional



Audience: of course, same as in the other seminar...


* Anyone interested in personal transformation/evolution/expansion through an understanding of the natural laws with which we operate


* Anyone interested in having interpersonal relationships that are more meaningful and harmonious


* Anyone interested in being more effective at manifesting anything in life


* Couples who want to create a solid, harmonious relationship, in which conflict are resolved succesfuly


* Professionals, whether independent or not, who want to have a team that works together and with high creativity


PRE-REQUISITE: must attend first "Understanding Ourselves! Your Personality"


Duration: approximately from 8:30 am to 7 pm, including breaks and lunch time.



In no way are my (Peter Hey) services to be interpreted as providing medical or psychiatric services. My services are not offered as a replacement for counseling, psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical treatment. Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT,  Biodecoding and any other techniques mentioned in this website, are educational processes that facilitate access to internal resources that assist people in increasing motivation, or altering behavior patterns to create positive change.


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