Leading Your Life

A Journey Into Your Mind To An Authentic Life




WHY SHOULD I TAKE IT? Because when you understand the mechanisms of your mind, you know what you need to do to take your life in the direction that is authentically yours. The workshop includes lots of videos and real-life examples that illustrate the concepts that I present.


DURATION: The instruction times can go from a minimum of 3 hours up to 2 days, depending on the desired material to be included. I can present it as a conference, or as a class, in 2 or 3 hour time blocks.


WHAT IS IT ABOUT? The course is based on the contents of my book "Leading Mind, Critical Understandings in the Mastering of Life". The information that I present can be divided into these main parts (assuming full presentation):


1) A description of the mechanisms that control your behavior


2) A description of the components of your personality


3) A description of what you need to do to change your limiting beliefs and behaviors





* A model of the human consciousness and the human mind


* Characteristics of the conscious and the unconscious


* Detailed description of the mechanisms that the unconscious uses to dictate our behavior


* How our personality develops


* Components of the personality, intrapersonal and transpersonal


* Examples of mind transformation processes (MTP's)


* Conclusions and recommendations to live an authentic life